How Asset Leasing Software Helps a Business Owner


A blog about why to use asset leasing software

In this era of digitalization, asset leasing software has become the cornerstone of asset finance business accomplishment. The leasing and purchasing of assets such as machinery, property, etc are important to a business model. The company’s financial stance plays an integral role in this tactical decision. Strategic asset leasing helps commercial organizations of all types and sizes access the assets they need to conduct their enterprises. Each organization must make the optimum purchase decision, taking into account a range of factors such as balance sheet effect, cash flow, and available credit lines.

Asset leasing is the type of financing that may be tailored to meet the needs of every size of the business. As a result, asset leasing software includes portfolio management features for various assets, contract management features for asset leasing, tracking of the leased asset’s lifecycle, workflow for credit evaluation and approval, administration of all documents and files related to it, and ensure 100% IFRS compliance. Henceforth, certain factors are accountable for the growth of this segment during the forecast timeline.

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COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on corporations and organizations, as well as people’s personal lives. Due to the covid interruption, demand for capital equipment, automobiles, software, and other items has slowed down. This decreased demand is due to a lack of cash on hand to cover any outright equipment acquisitions. Owing to a couple of stress factors, corporations are anticipated to be hesitant while purchasing assets during these economically strained times. As a result, during a depression, leasing equipment, software, vehicles, and other items should be the way to go. Leasing allows one to structure payments so that the cash flows generated by the asset can be used to pay for the rentals associated with the equipment. This is likely to boost the propensity to finance through leasing. Therefore, certain factors are expected to accelerate the market demand for strategic asset leasing software.

Major Players in the Asset Leasing Software Market

Key providers of asset leasing software are focused on the development of cost-effective and compact lease management software to attract more customers. For instance, in 2019, RealPage, Inc., a significant provider of real estate software and data analytics, has added Identity Verification (IDV) to its lease, payment, and screening solutions. RealPage IDV is the first comprehensive solution in the industry to prevent fraud at various touchpoints across the leasing and payment processes, saving property managers approximately USD 30 per unit per year. Navitas Capital, a real estate technology solution provider, and innovation venture capital firm has invested USD 6.5 million in artificial intelligence-driven leasing agent software that currently improves leasing processes for above 250,000 multifamily complexes in 2020.

In addition, competitors in the asset leasing software market are focused on inorganic growth tactics such as strategic alliances and mergers and acquisitions with technology partners to expand their capabilities as well as market reach. Lease Query LLC, a purpose-built lease accounting software provider, partnered with Microsoft Corporation in January 2021 to simplify difficult lease accounting compliance and drive customers through their unique digital transformation plans.  Oracle released a new version to Oracle E-Business Suite in February 2019 that includes support for the ASC842 and IFRS16 accounting rules revisions for equipment leaseholders. Oracle Property Manager will receive an update to reflect these accounting standards changes for equipment renters in the form of consolidated patch sets.

Each year, millions of cars are sold in the United States. asset leasing software This allows customers to spread the cost of a purchase over several years. Many people in the United States live and work in places where public transportation does not exist. As a result, having a car provides them with added mobility which helps smooth commuting.  The number of new contracts granted in real estate leasing in Europe surged by 32.8 percent, owing mostly to an increase in such contracts in Italy. Certain trends in leasing businesses are projected to increase this strategic asset leasing software industry in forthcoming years.

Every business is unique, and in making a decision, they should consider their unique circumstances. For some firms, paying for a license per user is the best solution. Others may prefer the SaaS approach, which is becoming increasingly popular these days. Finally, a perpetual, lifelong license is available for purchase.

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