Frequently asked questions


What is Global Market Database (GMD)?

Global Market Database is a technology platform that caters to the market research needs of Managers and business leaders across 12 broad Industries. The traditional market reports are not of much use after 3 months or so due to the shift in market dynamics. The USP of GMD is its core DMD technology which ensures that business leaders and decision makers have access to the update market forecast and other market data.

What are the industries covered in GMD?

GMD covers 12 broad Industries, they are Advance Materials, Agriculture, Automotive, Chemicals, Energy & Power, Healthcare, ICT, Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Logistics and Semiconductors.

What are the regions of coverage?

The Geographical coverage of all the datasets are Global, however regional data is given as a part of the segmentation.

Do I get forecasted values of specific markets?

The market forecast period for all Datasets across GMD are for a period of ten years from 2020- 2029, across two or three segments.

What are the segments covered under each Dataset?

The regional segment is covered across all datasets, the other segments covered depends on the specific market, a few general segments are technology, end user and application.

How do I access GMD?

The sales team of Global Market Database will get in touch with you once you request for a Demo and the login is provided after the Demo is completed and other payment related work are completed.

What are the type of subscriptions?

There are two type of subscriptions, namely the limited and unlimited. There are a wide range of plans and the customer can choose the plan according to the usage.

What is limited subscription?

Limited subscription gives access to a specified number of datasets, the validity of the subscription is one year.

Is traditional market research report and GMD same?

Traditional market report and GMD are not same. GMD gives its users updated dynamic datasets, however traditional market forecast are static and are invalid in case of a change in global dynamics. If the user wants qualitative static analysis, then traditional market research report would be the best option.

How many logins do I get?

The login depends on the subscription, please refer to the pricing page for details.

Is GMD useful for Investment bankers?

Investment bankers could use this database for quick access to over 600+ markets, this would help them in their M&A transactions.

Can I print the datasets?

Yes, you can use a print option and print the market forecast dataset.

How is the data collected and forecasted?

The team of analyst use combinations of expertise and technology to estimate and market size. The market sizing and the future growth is generated by applying the drivers and the constraints from restraints. The other aspects like Technology are considered as a part of the market innovation factors. These numbers are then validated through a team of experts from the specific Industry verticals or Business Units.

What is the difference between Custom Market Dataset or On demand Global Market Datasets and Custom report?

There is a possibility that the required market forecast is not a part of our Global Market Database, in that case you can request for Custom Market Dataset, this is also called On demand Global Market Datasets. Custom Market Dataset request is a part of the subscription and there is no additional cost associated with the request. The number of times a client can raise a request for custom market depends on the type of subscription. Custom report is a seperate full fledged report on a specific topic. This is similar to any traditional market research report, this would be offered at an additional cost.