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GMD’s flexible pricing model facilitates data availability to its clients also at affordable cost.

Investment Decisions

Use GMD to analyze whether a specific project, venture, or approach is feasible.

Business Plan

Know your latest market numbers using GMD and then develop your entire business plan.

Market Research

Access segmented market numbers 24X7 that would help you in your market analysis.

Market Dynamics

Tried and Tested GMD algorithms that shifts in line with the market dynamics.

Business Growth

Sustainable business requires planning and execution readiness across multiple scenarios.

Optimize Deals

One stop solution that helps you optimise your market intelligence spending.

Stimulate Innovation

Understand the high growth opportunity markets that would help in stimulating your sales growth.

Why should I subscribe to GMD than traditional report?

GMD is a business intelligence tool, where the market is updated on regular basis, this ensures that the data that is accessed is latest. The second reason is that the end users can access multiple markets across industries.

What if I don't find the market I am interest in?

In an unfortunate case of unable to find the market of your interest, you can write to us and we would do the needful. Please refer to the pricing page to check the number of times free request can be initiated.

Can I access the platform immediately after purchase?

Yes, you can start accessing the business intelligence tool immediately after the sales procedures are completed.

Is support service included?

Yes, support service is included, some of it is free and the others would be charged based on the requirement.

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