Features of Market Research Database

Business Intelligence Tool | Market Research Reports

Business Intelligence Tool

Free Market Research Reports- Global Market Database is a business intelligence tool which has been tailor made for the manufacturers, subcomponent manufacturers, investment bankers, new market entrants and all other stakeholders of the 12 broad industries. Unlike traditional market research report the subscription is valid for one year.

Cost Effectiveness

Generally, a typical market research report that covers only one industry or a batch of companies in a particular geography would cost between USD 2500 to USD 5000 depending on the depth of the market report. Global Market Database, a business intelligence tool is cost effective as well. The cost per report in GMD is around USD 20-30 per market report, which is less than one-hundredth of the cost of a traditional market research report.

Multi- Market Coverage

The Global Market Database covers more than 600 individual markets across 12 broad industries. The domains covered are Advance Materials, Agri, Automotive, Chemicals, Energy & Power, Logistics, Healthcare, ICT, Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, F&B and Semiconductors. The user can access this business intelligence tool with the click of a button. The validity of the subscription is for one year and the user can choose between limited and unlimited access.

DMD Technology

The Dynamic Market Data technology helps the user to gain updated information on the latest Industry data. The best example would be to compare a market research report purchased before the Corona Pandemic and the dynamic shift in the market dynamics post the Pandemic. The dynamic nature of GMD ensures that the market trends are regularly updated and ensures that the market research analysis are in sync with the changing market dynamics.

Segments across Markets

The market forecast across each market report cover two or three segments, the regional segmentation is common across all markets. The other two segments could be based on End User, Application or Technology. The opportunity analysis across all the segments have been covered in detail. The Scenario Analysis covers one of the segment analyses across three Scenarios.

Custom Report

Clients can request for a full-fledged custom market research report from their client dashboard, these reports would in line with any traditional off the shelf market report that is available across market research companies. These market research reports or industry reports can be delivered in ppt format or doc format based on the requirement.

Scope of Data

The industry analysis and market research related data that are covered in the database are “Global” in nature. Country specific industry report, or any market report can be analyzed and generated on request. Similarly, specific Industry report (market wise) can be compiled and prepared on request, however these would be at an additional cost. The time period for across all markets is between 2020- 2029.

Data Relevance- Dynamic

The Global Market Data in GMD is updated at least four times every year. This is one of our USPs while a traditional market report purchased in the Q3 of a calendar year is irrelevant after 3 or 6 months, due to the change market trends. This is one of the features why Global Market Database is considered as a real time business intelligence tool.

Data Accuracy

The team of analyst use combinations of expertise and technology to estimate the  market forecast. The market data and the future growth is generated by applying the drivers and the constraints from restraints. Subscribers may, however, apply their own judgement based on their specific experience in the industry/ markets while finalizing their opinion using the industry analysis provided.

Flexible Pricing

GMD offers two types of logins; these are unlimited access to all the markets and the second is limited to specific number of views. We have named these pricing as Unlimited and Limited Access, it is important to note that the final data accessed at individual market level remains unchanged. Please refer to the pricing page for more information on pricing options. Users can first use free login to access free market research reports.

Data Presentation

The Global Market Data across all the markets are represented in figures, the color schemes and the layout has been designed based on feedback of more than 100 end users. The market report generated is printable so that it can be used for reference, in case required. There has been a careful thought to maintain uniform layout to increase the user experience while using Global Market Database.

One Stop Solution

GMD is designed for Managers and decision makers across the Sales and Marketing functions, strategic decision makers, analysts and project appraisers of leading industries, service providers, manufacturers and subcomponent manufactures or any suppliers including the OEM. The subscription would help the research teams of Global conglomerates and other smaller companies to compare their internal market sizing, market forecast, market research and industry analysis documents with a third-party view.