Why Is Everyone Talking About Automotive Suspension System



An automotive Suspension System is a collection of components in an automobile organized in a specific manner. It is intended to cushion the passenger and objects inside the cabin of the automobile. These components cushion the cabin and its interior from tactile stress exerted on it due to external factors like potholes, irregular roads and

abrupt halts.  The automotive Suspension System mainly consists of two elements, they are springs and shock absorbers. Usually, spring components include coil springs, leaf springs, torsion bars, rubber-in-shear devices and air springs. Springs usually absorb energy and reduce the discomfort faced by abrupt motions due to external factors when the vehicle is in motion. This energy is transferred to a hydraulic system so that the suspended portion of the vehicle is stopped from bouncing.

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Types of Automobile Suspension 

Double wishbone suspension was a type of suspension that was widely prevalent in the olden days. Geometry angle in a double-wishbone suspension remains independent of turning angle and suspension movement. This is due to the fact angle between the two remains constant.

Double wishbone suspension is fairly hard to manage. It consumes a huge volume of space. The assembly and disassembly of double wishbone suspension take a long duration of time. Spooring is regularly undertaken by vehicles with double wishbone suspension to avoid damages to the double-wishbone suspension. This is as double wishbone suspension is susceptible to get damaged on parts like its ball joint, long tie road and end tier road

Multi-Link suspension is another type of suspension system. It is a blend of double-wishbone suspension and a multi-link. It has a complicated design and is held together by many joints. In the ends of multi-link suspension, it has components that pivot towards the two sides of the arm. Multi-link suspension is created in such a manner that it manipulates the direction of the force received by the tires. Multilink suspension makes the manoeuvrability of the automobile easy. The replacement process of multi-link suspension is time-consuming.

Rigid Axle Suspension is a type of suspension that is usually located in the rear of the car. It is located where the wheels and the axle join together. Rigid Axle suspension operates either through the use of leaf springs or through coil springs which are also known as springs in layman terms.

Rigid Axle Suspension is a strong suspension system and is capable of supporting heavy loads stably. It is optimum for heavy automobiles like SUVs and long haul trucks.

Automotive Suspension in Electric Vehicles

Michelin Activ Wheel is one of the first suspension systems exclusively for Electric Vehicles. Michelin Activ Wheel was introduced around early 2010. The suspension system actively discarded transmission joint, anti-roll bar and universal shaft as it is specifically designed for battery or fuel-cell-powered electric vehicles.

Intertronic Gresser GmbH is another innovative technology in EV automotive suspension systems. They invented an energy-generating suspension system around late October 2014. They applied for a patent the same year. It is claimed that this technology increases the range by 50% in ratio to battery storage capacity.

This was attained by the operation of the regenerative system that converted a greater percentage of kinetic energy from vertical suspension movement and body acceleration with the aid of coupled linear generators. The suspension function is provided by an electronically controlled bi-directional hydraulic cylinder.

Softwheel is another Israeli start-up whose niche is in the electronic vehicle automobile sector. The soft wheel harvests energy and absorbs shock, this energy is regenerated as kinetic energy and propels the automobile forward. The suspension acts only when an impact above a prefixed celling is encountered.

Audi eRot is another groundbreaking technology introduced by Audi. eRot is a prototype damper system. Most of the energy in eRot system is absorbed and loss of energy as heat is minimized. The system responds quickly with minimal downtime and adapts perfectly to irregularities on the road surface.

Major Players in Automotive Suspension System Market

Continental AG is a German based automotive suspension system manufacturer. They are one of the most widely preferred automotive suspension system manufacturer. They have a strong presence across continental Europe as well as pan globe. They are headquartered at Hannover, Germany and owned by Schaeffler group.

Hitachi is a multinational company headquartered at Tokyo, Japan. They produce a wide variety of electronic goods. They also manufacture automotive suspension systems. They have a significant market share in automotive suspension system market.

Hendrickson LLC is another U.S based company that specializes in automotive suspension systems. Their niche is in manufacturing suspension system for heavy duty automobiles like long haul trucks and buses. They manufacture a wide variety of suspension system including elastomeric and air suspensions, parabolic springs, multi-leaf springs and stabilizers.

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