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Healthcare Marketplace

Global Market dataset comprises healthcare market research reports for U.S., UK and EU regions, analyses the health market and forecasts values for 10 years.


Healthcare Module

The Healthcare marketplace is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets in the world which consumes around 10% of the gross domestic product of most developed nations. Healthcare is also using technology as a key growth catalyst, technologies like the blockchain and healthcare app are trending in this market.


Development in the healthcare marketplace has been driven by increased investment in both general and specialty medications to treat chronic pathologies, infrastructure, and technological advancements, evolving healthcare models. The healthcare system is expected to witness a transition in data management from storing data sets to extract insights. That monetized and support opportunities areas such as population health management and value-based care.


Healthcare Market Industry


The growth of Healthcare technology like electronic health records have helped in streamlining the access to patient records. In future, players would experience a high growth rate at the electronic health market.


As per , World Health Organization , there are 9.2 million physicians, 19.4 million nurse practitioners, 1.9 million dental hygienists, 2.6 million pharmacists, and more than 1.3 million community health workers Globally, which makes the health care sector one of the largest segments of the working population.


Healthcare in US


Healthcare in the US is provided by a combination of public and private funded insurance programs. The US doesn’t have universal healthcare benefits, there is no single national health insurance scheme covering all population groups. Health insurance benefits to employees are voluntary schemes by employers.


Private and public health insurance schemes are different in terms of benefits, source of funding, and payments to the medical care provider. There is no coordination between private and public health insurance schemes. With more than 1000 private health insurance providers, each with different benefits, premiums, and rules creates a lot of confusion for an average US citizen to choose an appropriate health insurance scheme.





Medical Devices, Healthcare Analytics, Connected Healthcare, Healthcare IT to name a few.



Why Is Everyone Talking About Smart Health Wearables?

smart health wearables

Smart Health Wear Smart health wearable are electronic devices that are worn by users in contact with or close to the user’s skin. They collect, detect, analyze and transmit information regarding the body like vital signs including pulse and other ambient data. This provides immediate biofeedback to the wearer. These devices usually fall under the ambit of and are an example of the […]

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Child Supplements Market

Child Supplements Market Research

Minerals and vitamins are essential for growth and development in children. The majority of children who consume a balanced diet don’t need vitamin or mineral supplements. In some cases, however, children are at risk for deficiencies and may require additional vitamins. Vegetarians and vegans may need to supplement with vitamin B12 since dietary sources of this vitamin are limited to animal-based foods. […]

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Smart Hospitals Market

Smart hospitals market research - healthcare delivery system services

Digitization, automation, and technological enablement are profoundly affecting industries today. It is no exception when it comes to healthcare delivery. In addition to short-term reasons such as cost control and efficiency optimization, long-term factors such as improved accuracy and fewer errors encourage the adoption of new technologies. According to the market database, modern technology has changed consumer expectations. In general, patients nowadays […]

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