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Energy & Power Market Overview

Energy and power market research comprises all the industries with the process of the extraction of fuel, as well as the manufacturing, refining, and distribution of energy. There is a general trend towards shift to sustainable energy source, the automotive sector is also experiencing a paradigm shift towards battery powered vehicles. However, the shift isn’t smooth, there have been cases of mass destruction of charging stations across Europe and North America.


Every change has a certain amount of friction, and the amount of resistance depends on the cost of the replacement. In case of automotive segment the clear indication is that companies with traditional fuel systems may not do well in the long term. Free energy and power market research reports also includes the electrical power industry, which includes companies involved with electricity generation, electric power distribution, and sales.


Energy & Power Market Research Reports





Energy and Power market research report also includes other industries such as the nuclear power industry, the renewable energy industry which comprise of the alternative energy and sustainable energy companies.


The primary source of energy is oil followed by natural gas and coal. China is the world’s largest energy consumer since 2009 and global energy has been growing steadily each year.


However, some regions across the Globe such as the European Union, and in particular Germany has shown a decrease in their energy consumption.


Smart Meter


A smart meter is a device that keeps track of the power consumption of infrastructure in real-time and transmits data digitally. Traditional electric meters do not track real-time consumption data, they track power consumption over a specified period.


Recorded real-time power consumption data is used for monitoring, planning, and billing activities. Real-time data collection saves manual labor employed for billing activities. Data insights along with institutional incentives designed to promote energy savings are helping change customer behavior. Customers are increasingly aware of their actions that affect their electricity bills thanks to smart meters. Smart meters provide real-time, high-speed data and analytic to utilities, which help power utility companies to be responsive, resilient, efficient, and reliable. Smart meters also reduce electricity theft. Usually, local/state utilities manage power distribution and customer relations.






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