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Chemical Market Overview

Chemical Database is a part of the Chemical market research reports of the Global Market Database, however no other offering covers the dynamicity of the market. The chemical industry comprises of companies which are involved in the manufacture of industrial chemicals and their derivatives, these companies invest heavily into innovative chemical market research.

The chemical industry converts raw materials like oil, natural gas, air, water, and minerals into more than 70,000 different chemical products. Polymers and plastics, which includes polypropylene, polystyrene polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, polyvinyl chloride, and polycarbonate comprise about 80% of Global chemical market industry output.


Chemical Market


The Chemical Industry accounts for a major segment of the manufacturing sector. Verticals like Pharmaceuticals, Specialty Chemicals as well as Fine Chemicals are some of the major industrial units within this market.

Chemicals are also used for the development of consumer goods, i.e. FMCG products. Chemical manufacturer’s across the globe are trying to optimize processes in order to yield maximum efficiency. The efficiency of a reaction is governed by temperature and pressure conditions used during a chemical reaction. The production and complete conversion of a process are hereafter dependent on the chemical reaction definition. The growth of the value chain associated with this market and the increased number of applications serve as a key driver for this sector.

Moreover, every fundamental aspect of our lives is governed by chemicals. For instance, chemicals in the brain like Dopamine and Serotonin control bodily functionality. Other essential chemical molecules like RNA and DNA account for essential functions within the human body. The use of chemicals in the healthcare and life sciences domain to develop solutions for diseases accounts for a key segment within this market.


The chemicals market research reports can be divided into a few broad categories such as basic chemicals, life sciences, specialty chemicals, and consumer products.

Majority of the chemicals produced by the chemical market are consumed by the other branches of chemical industries themselves. For example, in Europe, around 70% of the chemicals manufactured are used to make products by other industries which includes the other branches of chemical industry. The pandemic has acted as a driver for the consumer products segments, wherein the demand was driven by an exponential increase in sales of soaps, hand wash and sanitisers. There has also been an exponential increase in life science segment due to the increase in demand for pandemic related drug raw material.


Chemical Market research reports



The chemical market is also closely connected with Geopolitics, the Chinese chemical market research witnessed a strain due to the strain in their relationship with US Government in 2019- 2020. Such dynamic changes would not be captured in a traditional report, immediately. That is the reason our customers have trust on our platform, which offers dynamic market database. Understand the key differentiator of Global Market Database and the traditionally available reports through a quick demo of our chemical database.







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