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Information and Communication Technology has enabled the world has become a global village. As per OECD, the amount of money spent on IT globally has been valued at USD 3.8 trillion in 2017 and has grown by around 5% each year since 2009. Information and Communication Technology has extended its capabilities across all sectors, as an example Automotive makes use of technology in connected cars, healthcare in healthcare app, energy & power uses ICT for smart meters, Pharma uses ICT for temperature control monitoring. These re just a few application of the applications of Information and Communication Technology market across industries.

ICT - 5G Spectrum Market

5G Spectrum

The 5G wireless portable services facilitate a fully movable & connected ecosystem by delivering a broad range of applications and business models to users. The faster data speeds and remarkably low interruption offered by the 5G technology would amplify the user experience. While using 5G services for various causes, such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality gaming and seamless video calling. Intelligence home energy drive the adoption of high-speed data connectivity for allied Internet of Things applications


Furthermore, the upcoming focus on developing businesses by 5G system integration providers with telecom operators is estimated to expand the adoption of these services. Various industry verticals are converging on technological alterations to enhance overall productivity and operational effectiveness to maintain a highly competing environment. The 5G wireless technology is the potential to aid in achieving remarkable changes across all verticals by reducing overall expenses and improvement in productivity. The renewed emphasis on advancing energy monitoring and control as well as obtaining better charge of the energy production and distribution system is also anticipated to expand the market growth.


China and the U.S, the largest economies are spending heavily on the procurement of healthcare services. Modern healthcare would specifically focus on managing technology-driven procedures for the patients, thereby stimulating market growth.



The overall market research growth was recorded 5% in 2018. The highest increase of 16% is anticipated in the field of emerging technologies. Emerging technologies such as IoT, robotics, AR / VR, AI, edge computing and 3D printing are estimated to drive significant growth of the industry.

With such emerging technologies the tech industry would increase 2-3 times faster than the overall economy by 2020 and will surpass 3 x GDP over the next 10 years. Since these fast-growing technologies are expected to account for a larger percentage of revenue share.



ICT- Application Developer

Application Developer

From the USA to Europe and South East Asia, application development like IOS and  Android developers can be found across the globe.

Most of the top application development companies can code for Android, IOS, Windows Mobile or operate cross-platform to develop a hybrid app and User Experience designs.


The feature bestowed on the application developers radar is privacy. Application developers will require to factor in the subject of their user’s secrecy and address the issue of user data storing, capturing and processing. The European General Data Protection Regulation and a growing fraction of US ordinances have set the norm for mobile application user privacy.


For several years, one of the innovations that moved the needle for wearables gadgets was medical and fitness applications. Having sensors opens up a bunch of possibilities for application developers to explore. The latest development of the Apple watch sensor to examine the human body’s bloodstream supported to measure the level of oxygen in the blood which is an imperative parameter.


The fixed satellite of mobile device progress is an increasing quantity of data to gain, analyze and determine models based on this information. The year 2021 will observe new improvements in Machine Learning to make sense of data obtained by audio and optical sensors.





IoT, 5G, Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, Hardware, Connected Infrastructure, ICT markets as a service to name a few



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