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Global Market Database is a Business Intelligence Tool and Market Research Database platform which gives its users 10 year Market Forecast across 20 countries. The other features include downloadable reports, market analysis and scenario analysis.

Global Market Database
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Industry Coverage


Global Market Database is a business & market intelligence tool and it covers 12 B2B industries namely Automotive, Semiconductors, ICT, Pharma, Healthcare, Logistics, Agriculture, Energy & Power, Advanced Material, Chemicals and Food & Beverages. The market intelligence across these platforms are dynamic, which means that the market numbers change in line with change in market dynamics. This is the key difference between traditional database market research reports and Global Market Database.

Industry Modules


The Market Database has been designed keeping in mind the ease of accessibility of the end user. Business intelligence tool across 12 industries can be accessed using a single login. The Market Research Database can be accessed across all platforms and is extremely user friendly, it is divided into 12 modules, each of it represents a specific industry, the clients can choose a single module access or a multi module access. Click on the individual modules below to know more.



The market intelligence tool covers more than 600+ markets. Each individual report covers the overall 10 year forecast of Global market, segmented market revenue, opportunity analysis, scenario analysis, high growth markets and company benchmark. All the data across the market data are real time and are in line with the change in market dynamics.



The cost of a traditional database market research report is around USD 5000, the cost of an annual subscription for a single module in the GMD is USD 5000. A single module access would give the users access to around 25+ markets within a specific industry. The cost of one market in GMD would be around USD 50 compared to USD 5000 in case of traditional market research report.

Report Access


The market database can be accessed in three easy steps:


Step 1: Login to Global Market Database website

Step 2: Login to your account

Step 3: Search for the market of your choice


Unlike the traditional market research reports there is no need to purchase individual market research reports separately. This saves a lot of administrative time and cost.

Global Market Database is a Business Intelligence and Market Research Database with 10 year Market Forecast.


Business intelligence tool across industries have changed in the post COVID business environment. The business recovery and the outlook does not exhibit a steep recovery. In some markets the market outlook looks positive and the recovery is also expected to be quick. Global Market Database will help the business leaders understand the key business recovery cycles across the markets.

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Future of Market Intelligence

Global Market Database (GMD) Product Overview


GMD’s flexible pricing model facilitates data availability to its clients also at affordable cost.

Investment Decisions

Use GMD to analyze whether a specific project, venture, or approach is feasible.

Business Plan

Know your latest market numbers using GMD and then develop your entire business plan.

Market Research

Access segmented market numbers 24X7 that would help you in your market analysis.

Market Dynamics

Tried and Tested GMD algorithms that shifts in line with the market dynamics.

Business Growth

Sustainable business requires planning and execution readiness across multiple scenarios.

Optimize Cost

One stop solution that helps you optimise your market intelligence spending.

Stimulate Innovation

Understand the high growth opportunity markets that would help in stimulating your sales growth using free market research tool.

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What is Global Market Database?

  • Business and market intelligence platform with 10 year Market Forecast
  • Global Market Database is the world’s first dynamic market intelligence tool, these can be used by key stakeholder for further analysis. 
  • There are multiple database market research tools, however Global Market Database is the only free market research tool that gives its registered users Global market wise quantitative inputs.
  • GMD is the only database market research platform, which is dynamic in nature. The market numbers change in line with the change in market dynamics.
  • Global Market Database allows its users to understand the overall outlook across markets. The users would get access to ten-year forecast data for five Global markets.
  • GMD would give its users business intelligence tool to more than 600+ individual markets across 12 business units, these markets are updated in line with change in market dynamics.