Global Market Size of Blockchain – 10 Year Market Forecast


Blockchain Market Size Forecast 2022-2029

The Blockchain market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20%, from USD 43.38 billion in 2022 to USD 156.75 billion in 2029. Increased venture capital funding and investment in blockchain technology, extensive use of blockchain solutions in banking and cybersecurity, high adoption of blockchain solutions for payment, smart contracts, and digital identities, and rising government initiatives are some of the major driving factors contributing to the high growth rate of the blockchain market.

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Market segments - Blockchain Market

By Offerings
– Payments
– Exchange

By Region
– North America
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– Middle East

Global Market size of Blockchain 2022 43.38
Global Market size of Blockchain Market 2029 156.75
Cumulative Market Size of the Blockchain Market 812.09
Global Market Growth of Blockchain(CAGR) 20%

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • What is Global Market Database

  • Global Market Database makes use of Dynamic Market Data to study the change in market trends across various industry verticals including the blockchain market
  • What is blockchain used for?

  • A blockchain can be used by any system that needs to record transactions or data points.
  • What is blockchain example?

  • A Bitcoin Block, for example, contains information about the Sender, Receiver, and the total amount of bitcoins to be transferred.
  • Is blockchain a Cryptocurrency?

  • Blockchain is the technology that allows cryptocurrency to exist.
  • What is the CAGR of the Blockchain market?

  • 20% is the CAGR of this market.

Global Market Size of Blockchain – 10 Year Market Forecast

Release date
Jan 1970


Countries Covered
The countries covered are US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland. Japan, South Korea, China, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Brazil.

Supplementary notes
The regions covered are North America, Europe, APAC & ROW.

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